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The village of Nevada, Ohio was platted on October 14, 1852. It was platted by Jonathan Ayres & Joel Garret. Originally, the area contained 72 lots, each of which measured 60 feet x 180 feet. The initial survey of the land was completed by J.R. Williams. The land was originally purchased by the US Government by William McKibben of Ashland County, Ohio, who then sold it to Ayres & Garrett. The village was named after the US state of Nevada, which had recently been admitted to the Union.


Nevada experience success throughout the late 19th century, the early 20th century due to the often-utilized railroad that goes through the village. The woods that overtook the village were cleared away to make room for businesses that were soon flourishing. A small grocery & large saloon was built by William Fredregill. The Commercial House & the Kerr house were hotels that were erected in the late 1800’s. There were also other businesses that began in this time period, including a carpet weaver, a jewelry store, & a blacksmith.


Nevada’s first mayor was W.R. DeJean. The Current mayor of the village is Kenneth Kerr. NEvada, which is located partially in Antrim Township & partially in the Eden township, is still a flourishing area. Many businesses currently inhabit the main square. Some of the successful businesses in Nevada including Nevada Chiropractic Center, which features the talents of Dr. Scott Griffin. Fails is a restaurant featuring many delicious orders, all with affable service & a family-friendly atmosphere. There is also the Cruiser’s drive through for those on the go, as well as a branch of First Citizens National Bank. There is also the Nevada United Methodist Church, which is located right in the heart of the village.


Nevada features easy access to US 30, so individuals can travel with ease. While there is simple access to other places, Nevada is a village with alot of heart & traditional sensibilities. Time may have changed the businesses around the village - but the aspect that has not changed is the soulful, friendly people.


Officials of the Village of Nevada


  • Mayor - Kenneth Kerr
  • Clerk/Treasurer - Audra Riedlinger
  • Council:
    • Jeffrey Kindler
    • Cheryl Hoffman
    • Amanda Rex
    • Chad Lucas
    • Richard Awbery
    • Harold Lambert
    • Tiffany Bloomfield
    • Lynn Diane Morgan
    • Jerry Motter