Strategic Plan

Mission Statement: Foster the success of our community by serving the relevant needs of our members.

Chamber Goals:

Goal 1: Promote our Members
Goal 2: Provide products, programs and services to make them successful
Goal 3: Offer tangible benefits to every member
Goal 4: Support a friendly progressive environment for future growth opportunities

Objectives outlined for 2015‐2016:

  • Have a consistent and clear message of our membership
  • Have better financial control and being financially transparent to the membership
  • Have 1 vision and 1 message
  • Represent businesses

Concepts on what is important to the organization:

  • More member benefits
  • Clear Purpose & Unified Direction
  • Return on Investment
  • Service to the Community
  • Promote business opportunities
  • Develop a business environment that will be attractive to new businesses
  • Create Promotional opportunities for businesses
  • Stay relevant to the needs of the business community

Our purpose should be:

  • Promote local business – encourage to shop locally
  • Value of networking
  • Serve the needs of members
  • Support Community
  • Encourage, attract, and retain businesses
  • Enhance community quality of life
  • Find & support Business solutions

Event qualifying questions adopted:

  • Will the event foster members success
  • Is the event self‐sustaining or profit generating program, offer ROI
  • Will the return on investment be a good allocation of resources (funds, time, good‐will)
  • Will the event help the Chamber meet our mission

ROI: defined as:

  • Increase in Membership
  • Increase in Financial stability
  • Reduces Time required for achievement
  • Supports Community Good‐will
  • Improves Services
  • Improves Relationships


  • Past perceptions of what a Chamber function is within the Community
  • Improving engagement of our members
  • Communicating the value of membership
  • Monetarily sustaining the programs and services offered

We are successful when..

  • Our members are successful in their personal endeavors because of their association with us.
  • Member are more engaged because they value our services
  • Our members recruit members or make referrals because of their personal testimonial of value
  • We are collaborating & cooperating with organizations that share our vision and there is equal respect

Goal measurements are:

Goal: Promote our Members

  • Improve number of members who receive opportunities through website, newsletter, events sponsorships and promotions. Monitor Referrals/Google analytics
  • Promote their Chamber involvement.
  • Offer networking events that provide the exchange of opportunities

Goal: Provide services to make them successful

  • Ask for feedback from members on ROI – Survey, Poll, Phone calls or visits
  • Research new opportunities to support the growth of small & large businesses
  • Seek opportunities for our community to grow & prosper
  • Engage in the development of long range community development

Goal: Offer tangible benefits to every member.

  • Each year poll the membership: Ask the question: Did you receive value from your Chamber investment? “What else would help you in your success?”