2016 Executive Summary

The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors believed defining our purpose to be a central focus in 2016.  Communication with members, non-members, Chamber professionals and our community yielded insights into their thoughts, advice, and support on what a “Best in Class” Chamber should provide the community they serve.  
Our search brought us to the conclusion that our emphasis is on representing the community, facilitating answers to the hard business questions, provide leadership for developing businesses being start-ups, expansions, and attraction of new enterprise along with offering support programs and services geared at improving the bottom line of our members.

This clarity made business development essential to our mission, and we took action steps in developing programs and offerings that support this task.  A significant change is certifying the bylaw amendment of member ballots that changes the name of our organization to the Wyandot County Chamber of Commerce.  This change came highly recommended and distinctly shares the role & dedication we provide to our community’s growth.  We want every entity to know they have a seat at the table as we seek progress and prosperity for our community.

A few of the highlights:

Hosted Leadercast 2016 to bring top shelf training to Wyandot County leaders. Live telecast of world class presenters share the stage the first Friday in May to expose us to their success stories, wisdom and insightful advice on changing the world.

Produced and partnered in the Entrepreneur & Small Business Fair where we brought together start-ups, entrepreneurs, and new businesses owners with leading experts for a thoughtful discussion on resources and ideas to help gain valuable information in support their objectives. Wyandot County Economic Development, Seneca, Sandusky & Wyandot Counties Mental Health & Recovery Services along with the Carey Chamber were instrumental in making this event a success.  

Partnered in the Regional Business Expo After Hours with Marion and Union Counties and Bucyrus Chambers to give our members access to a larger client pool.  This networking event was an excellent experience for everyone who participated. 

Designed the Think Local First campaign to lead the conversation on the value of shopping locally has on a community. This project included shopping bags, informational labels, counter cards for cross-promotion and coupons to support our local array of merchants and services.  Expect to see more great community messaging in 2017.

Launched the newly revised Ambassador Club to put leadership into action.  By attending monthly meetings and contributing to Chamber events and activities, the young leaders make new connections and gain new leadership skills.   The Chamber’s is indebted with gratitude for our Ambassadors' passion and commitment.

Launched a significant Health Benefit to our small businesses with the COSE MEWA with Medical Mutual Healthcare.  Being the fourth Chamber to have access to this new health benefit has been a game changer for many local businesses who were looking for affordable health insurance that they could use locally.   Finding a solution to a hard problem is on point with our objectives.

Customer Service Seminar was co-sponsored with Seneca, Sandusky & Wyandot Counties Mental Health & Recovery Services, and Wyandot Home Health. This event was free and open to all businesses in Wyandot County, again supporting the community through positive influence. The interactive program was educational and offered practical experience for all attendees.

Wyandot Safety Council is receiving high marks on our quality of programming and services provided to our community. We have an engaged steering committee who keeps the programming on the topic.  Supported by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation who offers rebates to businesses who meet the simple requirements each year. Safety Council is the opportunity to recognize safety excellence in our community that supports new industry development.

Supported the successful establishment of the Sycamore Business Association for the benefit of the Sycamore community to link with resources to improve the vitality of their village. Businesses and Sycamore Community stakeholders wanted to improve communication, eligibility for support and develop strategic direction for growth and opportunity. 

Helped the Village of Nevada reestablish their holiday parade to rave reviews.  Creating synergy in community spirit is the first step to renewed opportunity.

Business Advocacy continued throughout the year highlighted by our participation in Eric Trump’s visit to Wyandot County and hosting Senator Sherrod Brown representative’s tour.  We keep abreast on State and Federal bills that may impact business and communicate with our lawmakers on any concerns or support on the main topics.

Our connection and networking events were well supported this year and provided great opportunities to stay connected with friends and start new business relationships. All of the traditional events will continue into 2017 with continual improvements to deliver a more impactful experience

2016 was an excellent year as we seen more business expansion, start-ups and positive improvements in the corporate sector of Wyandot County.

Thank you for your generous support and trust in our ability to make great things happen for Wyandot County.

Chris Daris, 2016 Chairman of the Board

Forecast of 2017


Great things create momentum for more great things to happen.  2017 the Wyandot Chamber will not be slowing down.  Listed here are more great programs we are developing for 2017.

DiscoverWyandot scheduled to launch in February is a new mobile Visitor’s site with quick access to our shopping, dining, tourist sites and events. There will be coupon and advertising opportunities available. The objective is to market the community as welcoming and open to all.

We are in active preparations of the newest version of the Wyandot County profile.  Look for more information on how you can advertise your business in this reformatted innovative edition.

Better Business Series:  Designed to be a learning platform to help acclimate businesses to available resources and technology necessary for today’s successful business.

GOBA Event will provide an opportunity to highlight local businesses to our visiting bicyclist.  Taking the lead is the Wyandot County Visitors Bureau and the Young Professionals.  June 20, 2017, will be a fantastic time to highlight the best of Wyandot. The Chamber is planning a window contest and activities for the day.

And of course, we will continue with the products and services you have come to depend on and expect from your Chamber.  Bridal Expo, Casino Night, Leadercast, Golf Outing, Fireworks, Picnic, Business   Showcase and much much more.

Expect to see the value of your Wyandot Chamber membership continue to be a benefit for your business’s success.

A task we ask of you is to engage in our mission for Wyandot County, The Place Where Businesses Grow by proudly displaying your Chamber emblem on your door and website.  Share our mission by encouraging others to enjoy the benefits Chamber membership.


With kindness and respect,


Regina Vent, 2017 Chairman of the Board
Wyandot County Chamber of Commerce